Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  What are Bubble Rollers™?

  Bubble Rollers™ were created so that you can run, walk, flip, jump, roll and play on water, WITHOUT getting wet.

How do they work?

Bubble Rollers™ are 2m/6.5ft diameter spheres made of a special material called TPU with a special waterproof Ti-Zip. You get in, we fill it full of air and the fun begins.

Are they safe?

We have been operating for over 10 years and only use our trademarked Bubble RollersTM which have been proven to be extremely safe, hygienic and fun with over 200,000 rides so far and counting. In the very unlikely event that you get a puncture in the bubble, you will only get very slightly wet. The Bubble Roller™ can even be used with a puncture. Of course, you will always be under the supervision of one of our experienced, trained staff members. On public lakes, larger pools etc, the Bubble Roller™ will be secured to one of our safety ropes.

    Who can ride?

The Bubble Rollers™ can easily sustain 150kg (330lbs). However we recommend that only healthy individuals without medical conditions, under 200lbs participate. It's not suitable for anyone suffering from any heart condition, high blood pressure, or epilepsy.

      You must not ride if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, pregnant, undergoing any medical treatment, have any neck or back conditions, have had an operation or condition within the past twelve months that will affect your ability to participate in such an activity. You must not bring anything sharp in to The Bubble Roller™ and you must not be wearing a cast or any other medical devise.

      Where can I do this great activity?

We are presently looking for suitable venues to be one of the first to offer this great experience. Suitable venues include Lakes, Malls, Theatres, Sports Arenas, Beach Fronts, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Tourist Attractions, Carnivals, Street Fairs, etc. If there is no pool or suitable water mass, don't worry, we set up one of our inflatable pools. You can also book a private event and we will come to your location and set up one of our inflatable pools. All we need is an electrical outlet and a water source.

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